Teacher Biography


Physical activities have always been a big part of Peter's life. As a child and teenager he practiced gymnastics and swimming in his native Denmark before he took up ballet and contemporary dance. He moved to the UK in 1999 to study at the Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance in London. During his dance studies he discovered the practice of Yoga which became a very helpful tool to release physical and mental tensions, along with aching muscles, in this period of intensive physical training. With the passing of years the practice of Yoga became an increasingly important part of his life and began to influence his lifestyle.


After graduating from Rambert, Peter went on to take the Yoga Teacher's Training course in 2006 through the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Organisation. He studied at the Uttarkashi Ashram in the Himalayas and extended his stay there to teach and work as a volunteer. Since returning to London he has taken numerous courses of further training both in the UK and overseas including Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) teacher's training and Teaching Yoga to seniors.

Peter has taught Yoga to students of all levels and to all age groups. He has run community classes (including children's Yoga and Yoga for seniors), corporate classes and taught one to one sessions. In 2009 he opened the Light Yoga Space in London with Sivananda teacher Janice Kate Fisher and as colleagues ran the space for six years. In this time they developed asana (Posture) classes, designed courses ranging from Beginners to Advanced, ran meditation classes, deep relaxation classes and workshops covering various topics such as Stress Management, Yogic diet, Ayurveda and Detoxing.

Peter teaches with warmth, empathy, humour and passion. He is convinced that Yoga has something to offer to all and this, along with his values as a person are woven through his ways of working with people.  He ensures students are guided according to their level of practice, takes time to understand their goals and will challenge their self-imposed limitations which can prevent people achieving their full potential.


Peter studied for his first dance teacher's qualification through the British Ballet Organisation and achieved a Level 5 Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector (DTLL) in 2010. He went on to take a further two qualifications through the Cecchetti Society enabling him to teach the Cecchetti syllabus and enter students for exams within that style. These teaching qualifications were awarded by the Imperial Society for Teachers of Dance (ISTD).

Peter has taught community classes to children and older students within further and higher education. He has worked for Islington Ballet School since 2012 where he has taught children between the ages 3-12. He has had a close connection with Islington College for years and has taught ballet to students on their Foundation Degree in Dance. He has also taught for Middlesex University and Birkbeck University. At the latter he was responsible for teaching the dance history modules as well as covering some ballet classes and contemporary dance workshops to undergraduate students.

A couple of years ago Peter relocated from London to Chartham just outside Canterbury and is now offering community classes in the area as well as teaching in local Primary schools.