Yoga in the Office

Companies around the country have discovered the benefits of bringing Yoga classes into the office. It is a nice social activity for employees to enjoy together in the workplace and sessions can take place before or after work or in the lunchtime hour. All that is required is a meeting room or a larger open space within the office where Yoga mats can be laid out for the practice to take place.

Hours of sitting still in an office chair and working at a computer causes tensions in the neck, shoulders and back as well as tight hips and hamstrings. This can lead to bad posture which is often followed by aches and pains. Yoga postures and exercises work to release tensions and with regular practise it can help rectify bad posture. In some work places a fall in sick days has been recorded among the employees who practice yoga.

Yoga classes in the office can either be organised by the employer or a group of employees who join to set up the sessions.

Price per hour/session:   £50